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"Symptom Scenes is an arcade game featuring a cast of cute characters suffering from Meningitis or Septicaemia. It's a race against time to recognize the symptoms and save as many as you can!

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by Morphonix

Every Body Has a Brain is a video game, 16 brain songs and website for 4-6 year olds funded by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health’s Small Business Innovation Research Program.

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by AGENIUS Interactive

4 TRAVELLERS can be played alone or together with friends and at the same time teach you new words in Spanish.

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by Center for Research in Emotional and Social Health (CRESH)

"Geared toward 3rd to 5th grade students with social-behavioral problems, Adventures aboard the S.S.GRIN links the worlds of social skills training and interactive technology.

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"A colourful collection of tricks to make medical procedures less scary and sore. For kids and grown ups too!