Pain Tricks


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"A colourful collection of tricks to make medical procedures less scary and sore. For kids and grown ups too!


These simple tricks are for kids and their parents to do any time they are in pain, or are having a medical procedure that they are afraid of, especially if it might be painful, such as an injection.


The app has been created for children, young people and their parents, especially those living with chronic (long lasting) disease, who may experience many medical procedures in the course of their care.


The tricks are adapted from evidence based medical research into cognitive pain management strategies, which can reduce pain and anxiety, complementing normal therapy. All app content has been reviewed by Paediatric medical professionals working in the NHS.


The 'Pain Tricks' can help empower children and their parents in situations they may feel they have little control over, and can be performed any time or place they are needed."

Topic : Cancer, Cognition, Injuries and Rehabilitation, Pain, Public Health, Stress and Coping
Target population : Children, General Audience, Health Care Professionals
How to obtain : Download, Free, Online
Genre : Educational
Game platform : Handheld Device, Multi-Platform

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