Symptom Scenes


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"Symptom Scenes is an arcade game featuring a cast of cute characters suffering from Meningitis or Septicaemia. It's a race against time to recognize the symptoms and save as many as you can!


The game was designed and created by Cilein Kearns, a medic and games developer and is endorsed by the Meningitis Research Foundation:


Meningitis and Septicaemia are two deadly diseases that can kill in hours; it really is a race against time to recognise the symptoms and get to hospital. People of any age can be affected, and it can happen anywhere so knowing the symptoms is very important.


Why should important information be boring? This app has been designed as a fun way to learn the symptoms and practice recognising them fast. It is suitable for all age groups.


Learn the signs, you could save a life.


Enjoy playing!"

Topic : Brain, Emergency Response, Infectious Disease, Public Health
Target population : Adults, Children, General Audience, Health Care Professionals, Young Children
How to obtain : Download, Free, Online
Genre : Action/Adventure, Educational, Entertainment, Puzzle
Game platform : Handheld Device, Multi-Platform

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