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BloomingLife: The Skeleton Chase

BloomingLife: The Skeleton Chase is an alternate reality game designed to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among college freshmen. It involves an interactive fictional story—a mystery that takes eight weeks to solve—unfolding across a variety of media (e-mail, Web sites, phone calls from fictional characters, physiological monitoring) and real-world physical and mental challenges that players must surmount to gather clues. A study of this game compares impacts of competitive versus collaborative game versions.

Principal Investigator
Jeanne D. Johnston, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise Physiology
School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Anne P. Massey, Ph.D.
Department of Information Systems
Lead Researcher
Assistant Professor
Department of Telecommunications
Other Researchers

Mitzi M. Montoya, Ph.D.


Grantee Project Publication Title Datesort icon
Indiana University
BloomingLife: The Skeleton Chase Games Improve Life: IU Students Will Play 'The Skeleton Chase,' an Alternate-Reality Game 07/28/2008


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