Note: In 2013, Health Games Research completed its work. This web site is now an archive and will not be updated. Please visit the web site of the Center for Digital Games Research at UC Santa Barbara to find current information about health games and the broader field of digital games, and to use the Health Games Research online searchable database.

News Stories

April 23, 2012
Health Gaming and the Power of Social Media

April, 2012
In the Beginning... An Interview with Debra Lieberman, Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Games for Health Journal

March 12, 2012
Game On

March, 2012
Digital Games Emerge as New Tool to Foster Health, Exercise: Playing for Health
The Nation's Health (Journal of the American Public Health Association)

March, 2012
Game On: Improving Adherence and Wellness Digital Gaming
PM360 Digital Marketing

February 17, 2012
Health Games Research Profiled by Inside Healthcare IT
Pioneering Ideas, blog of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

February 14, 2012
Health Games Research Provides Clues to Managing Health, Reducing Costs
Inside Healthcare IT

February 2012
Health Games Come of Age: An Expert Panel Discussion
Games for Health Journal

January 26, 2012
How Social Health Games Can Make You Trimmer and Fitter
US News

November 2011
Mobile Social and Fun: Games for Health
MobiHealthNews Research

June 16, 2011
Video Gaming Your Way to Better Health
Healthcare IT News

April 20, 2011
Scholar in the Spotlight: Interactive Games for Health

April 28, 2010
Massive Health Games Database Goes Live

April 24, 2010
Video Games Might Be Good For Health, After All

April 8, 2010
Diabetes Is No Fun, But It Can Be a Game Magazine

March 14, 2010
Digital Gaming for Health and Therapeutic Fun
Santa Barbara News-Press

January 29, 2010
Apps and Videogames to Keep You Healthy

December 4, 2009
Video Games May Have Potential Health Benefits
American Medical News (

November 10, 2009
Health-Promoting Video Games Get $2M Power Up

November 5, 2009
RWJ Foundation Awards $1.85 Million for Health Games Research

July 29, 2009
Interactive Games for Kids with Diabetes
Consumer Health Interactive

March 2009
Research Update – March 2009

February 19, 2009
What Makes a Great Health Game Great – Part 8

January 22, 2009
50 Great Learning Tools & Video Games for Nurses and Health Professionals

January 15, 2009
Nintendo’s Punching Seniors Get Workout, Sell Out Wii (update 2)

December 11, 2008
Gaming Your Way to Better Health

June 11, 2008
Games People (and Researchers) Play in Pursuit of Health

May 29, 2008
Researchers to Examine Video Games and Health